25 August, 2010

experiencing a slow gdb in ubuntu 10.4 lucid lynx?

well... i was, too.
and if you heavily require debugging tools this can really get on your nerves. after updating to lynx i immediatly noticed the slower debugger.

but google popped up no results on how to solve this, or even if other people are noticing this....

so after playing around with it i finally solved the problem brute force:

i downloaded latest gdb (7.1) from http://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/download/ and compiled it myself.

if you are a former windows user or unexperienced with that, dont let self-compiling scare you away:
compiling it for yourself is simpler than you may think:

download the .tar (with the browser of your choice), unzip it (easiest is with nautilus), go to commandline and type:

after its done, do:


after THAT is done you will have a gdb executable in the "gdb" folder!