26 April, 2008

Going kart....

yesterday i went with my working colleages to a kart-racecourse where we did a one hour race. everybody who's done this before knows that racing an hour is very exhausting. but very cool.

when the race was over it was decided: i came out first.

well, sort of... actually i came out 5th of ten participans, but:
winner was a guy from ORF (thats the public TV-station in austria).those guys are FREAKS, the orf has a sortof professional kart team that gets sponsored by some companies and they always win races that are made regularily. so he sortof raced noncompetitive.
second and third came out 2 guys from the rental department. they are also kindof regular kart racers, like participating each year in a 3 hours race and stuff. so no wonder they were better than me.
so then on fourth positition was my boss. and of course i cannot beat my boss ;)
what a dumb thing to do this would have been....

so you see, .... actually i came out first :)

afterwards i then went to a party. 3 friends of mine celebrated their birthday. it was fun though i was quite tired. at about 2 o'clock i then was brought home by some friends of mine that were driving my way home. today i slept till 17:30 ;)

now i make myself clear for the next party..... a romanian party :)

let's see how it will be like. and how long i ll sleep tomorrow


23 April, 2008

just feeling sick

but hope to be up on friday again, then we are going kart-driving with parts of the company.... because of my insignificant wheight i always do a good job at the races so i really wanna join them.
plus afterwards there'll be a birthday party i'd like to join.

then on saturday there will be another party... with some romanians ^^

i also wanna be ready to do THAT.

we'll see

21 April, 2008

Tutorial for Compiling C++ on your PSP with Oslib (Oldschool Library)!

i finally managed to compile C++ code on my PSP.

i completely removed my development environment for psp and began reinstalling:
this time i relied on the MINPSPW project instead of doing all the cygwin stuff. after that i then used the makefile of Neko Grafico and now it compiles with C++.

I am not too happy with all the tutorials out there to get one going creating stuff for the PSP. Especially Oslib with C++. So here a HowTo to set up Oslib with C++ to run from the scratch.

This small turorial guides you how to get going creating C++ applications for your PSP with the OldSchool Library (at the moment of writing that is Oslib Version 2.10 Alpha) with Visual Studio Express 2008. At the end you will have a compiled program that you then can run on your PSP (if you know how). This tutorial will use the tools provided by the MINPSPW project. The advantage of this is that you will not need Cygwin for it to run. For getting this tutorial done you should not need any knowledge about Makefiles or toolchains as long as you are a bit familiar with visual studio and know what to do with the EBOOT.PBP that pops out after you compiled your program/project.
At first i assume you have Visual Studio (Express) installed and working and want to use it for developing Oslib. If you do not have so yet, go to
Now you need to install the PSPSDK. But beforehand, you should install MSYS. It can be found here. Download the latest .exe and install it.
After you did the installation, a shell will open up asking you if you want to perform a post install. Press "y". When asked if you have MinGW installed you most probalby will want to press "n". At least you did not install MinGW with this tutorial (plus won't need it). The shell will now ask you to press ENTER. Be a good boy and do so
Now we finally need to install the PSPSDK.For this, go to http://minpspw.sourceforge.net/archives/cat_sdk.html and download the latest version. For this tutorial i took the version PSPSDK 0.7.2., but if there is a newer one i'm pretty sure that'll do just as well.
Download the .exe and install. In the installer, dont forget to tick the checkbox saying that you want VS support.
For a detailed installation instruction, a tutorial on how to install MINPSPW with VC can be found on the jetcube site. You should follow that tutorial for making sure that you set up Visual Studio correctly. At the moment this tutorial is on http://www.jetcube.eu/archives/2008/02/entry_74.html.
Follow the tutorial until the end.
Now it's time to compile in Visual Studio with Oslib. For this, go to http://minpspw.sourceforge.net/archives/cat_devpak.html.Search for "Old School Lib DEVPAK".At the moment of writing the version is "OSLib-2.10". Download it and try to execute it. The installer will probably mourn that some other package is missing and will abort installation. Remember the name of the missing package, and go back to http://minpspw.sourceforge.net/archives/cat_devpak.html, search for the name the installer mentioned, download it and install. Now try again to install the Oslib package you already downloaded.
finally after some tries (after 2 more package-installs for me), the oslib package installer proceeds with the installation. After it sucessfully installed, open up VS. Create a new Makefile project similar to the one that was described in the tutorial (the one that can be found at http://www.jetcube.eu/archives/2008/02/entry_74.html.
in a completely new folder.
Add a main.cpp file to the project.
Go to the oslib wiki page and take the hello world example found here :http://oslib.playeradvance.org/doku.php?id=day2
copy-paste the code to your main.cpp
to test if you really can compile C++, insert the following code into the space below the line saying
and above the line saying
"int main()"

The code that you should insert should be something C++ proprietary so i suggest:

class TestClass{};

now open up the Makefile in your project folder, or if there is none existing yet, create one. Creating it is simple: just create a file with the name "Makefile". Now open it up. Copy paste the following code inside that was provided by Neko Grafico (for which he deserves my special thanks).

TARGET = main
OBJS = main.o

CFLAGS = -G4 -Wall -O2
CXXFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti

STDLIBS = -lstdc++ -losl -lpng -lz \
-lpspsdk -lpspctrl -lpspumd \
-lpsprtc -lpsppower -lpspgu \
-lpspaudiolib -lpspaudio -lm -lmikmod



PSPSDK=$(shell psp-config --pspsdk-path)
include $(PSPSDK)/lib/build.mak

now copy a small .PNG file into the project directory where your main.cpp and Makefile are placed. Rename the .PNG file to icon0.PNG. Switch to Visual Studio. Press F7 to compile.

That's it, if everything was done correctly you should now have an EBOOT.PBP that you can copy onto your PSP!

20 April, 2008


well not much to say.
this is a rather irrelevant entry, you can skip it ;)

friday evening i was just chilling in front of the tv.

saturday i slept long like always, then went out on a date and saw some original but somewhat strange piece in the theatre, beforehand went out for dinner.

afterwards i departed with my sweet company, drove to a friend and we went on a pub tour. we found a nice alternative pub i didnt know of before:
Das Jetzt

a nice place and they had 60s night so they already had my heart. beer not expensive, maybe a bit small. and not many girls. afterwards we went to the B72 where we then both felt a bit old:
the music was crap which we arent used to in the B72 but it seems this is already like that for a half a year or so. afterwards we went to the Chelsea, there it was better. at 4 or something they threw us out.

sunday then was just getting the alcohol out of my bloodstream and sleeping.

so far so good, see what the week brings.... oh yeah, the Isis concert. probly, i ll be there.

16 April, 2008

Taboos of the world

Think Geek gave me some inspiration yesterday when i ordered some stuff.
Every country has its list of "taboos" and Japan is no different
There is a shirt showing some things you should avoid doing in Japan.

In Japan you should avoid

  • sleeping with your head pointing to the north
  • putting chopsticks straight up in rice (both related to Japanese funerals)
  • entering a house with dirty shoes on

those are the 3 absolute No-No's in Japan. I think it is a very usable list and decided to extend it for some other countries.
But what if you travel somewhere differently? Here now a helpful list with the 3 most important things you should avoid in other countries:

In USA you should avoid

  • Smoking in public
  • drinking in public
  • being a terrorist

In England you should avoid

  • saying you want to pay in euro
  • going out after 23:00
  • eating native food

In France there are certain taboos that you shouldnt go across, else they will regard you as a very wicked person and may not speak with you ever again. So avoid

  • not going on strike if any other working group wants you to
  • listening to non-french songs
  • speaking english. (at least i am pretty sure this has to be some sort of taboo because no french seems to be able to do so)

In Israel there are also certain things you should take care of. Do not

  • drive in buses, else you might get blown up
  • drive in cars because if there are other people in it, namely palestinians, you will likely get shot at with israely rockets
  • LIVE in either israeli or palestinian territory. In the first case you might get rocketed upon, in the second case your living room will get bulldozed away. This of course makes it hard to live in israel.... so just dont.

There is another country which has very strict rules that you should obey, if you do not want to get shot. If you are traveling to Irak, please make sure to avoid

  • being sunnite, else you might get shot
  • being Shiite or you might get shot
  • being Kurd or you may get shot

13 April, 2008

something to support

here's something i agree to, and you should so too for the sake of society:


12 April, 2008

another night, another concert: Zdob Si -Zdub

yesterday i was in club ost. thats a club here in vienna i didn't know about till now.
it somewhat shall give the visitors an eastern flair.
which works pretty well for non-easteners. i was there with some romanian girls.
they all told me it all doesn't "fit right".

anyway a nice club. i was astonished i didnt know it till now.
its not alternative like i like it but on the other hand its not that posh that i would immediately dislike it, maybe i'll once give it another try when there's no concert there.

but from the start. a friend of mine called me if i wanted to go out with him and a romanian girl he met at university some time ago to a concert. i had 3 choices what to do with my friday:
one: relaxed cinema/video watching with a friend
two: go to a free concert of the singer of "Die Sterne" in Chelsea
three: join him to a concert of some moldavian band.

luckily, i chose number three. i met them at the appartment of the romanian girl. there i discovered, there was not one, but 4 cute romanian girls living there, who were all going to go to the concert.
so we had a very nice company for the evening :). the only bad thing was that they often just spoke romanian, unfortunately my romanian is.... non-existent. though they were not really interested, they were still a nice company to have around.

so we then went to Klub Ost where Zdob Si Zdub, a band from moldavia was playing. you might know them, they were in one european song constest.
but fear not!
they are good! imagine flogging molly coming from the east. then you have Zdob Si Zdub.

likewise was the concert. very energetic. full room, cheering crowd. most of the people there being romanian. if you don't know flogging molly, imagine a band mixing up folk together with some punk and ska. then you get a pretty good idea what this was about.
sound check good, the band giving us a good shot of what they are doing. plus they played for nearly 2 hours, i think.
they were so good that i had to spill half of my beer when they demanded the crowd to jump at one place. this is quite embarrasing to happen to a concert-veteran like me ;)
the spilled beer did not really bother me, the music was too good for that.
i thought the band might have a chance to get real good feedback if they joined the deconstruction tour (a punk festival touring every year) this or next year. i think many punk-heads out there would enjoy them.

after the concert we crashed some birthday party and went on drinking until 4 in the morning when they threw us out. it was nice but i drank too much.

saturday then consisted only of sleeping , some chatting and eating good.

thassit for now. nice rest of the weekend.

08 April, 2008

weedeater/Stinking Lizaveta in concert

today i watched weedeater in the arena.

well i should have.

but i didnt like them so i left early. pity in one way: 
there even were more than 5 girls in the audience when weedeater started.... 
something i have not seen for quite a few concerts now  ;)

thats the risk when you go to concerts of bands you do not know. you may not like them. but there are many examples when this calculation goes out positive.
but before weedeater, 'Stinking Lizaveta' were playing. 
though their gig was not super, their performance was outstanding nonetheless!

Stinking Lizaveta consist of a couple and the brother of the guitarist playng e-bass (you know....cello type of bass), the couple both being...lez say 40+, but still rocking hard!
they put up a show that most other bands can dream of, which sort of compensated the lack of musical greatness from the eyes of a stoner listener.
though all their songs have much variety and idea, they are not what i dig nowadays. they more make a mix of noise-music, 80s speed metal riffs mixed with modern jazz. 
it was fascinating that the audience didnt know them, but after the first song the band had won the heart of the people. thats the first time i experienced that. interesting.

plus, i would never have believed that fast 80s metal  riffs can sound good. or that they have feeling to it. well they proved me, i was wrong.

thassit for now, bang on!

06 April, 2008

looking at archimboldo

yesterday i paid a visit to an exhibition of archimboldo, a painter painting from bout 1540 to 1595 or something. what is really interesting is that he made surreal pictures, his portraits of people consisting of objects: like a portrait consisting of only wild animals, or a portry consisting of fruit.

with that he was really ahead of his time from our point of view, because many centuries passed until someone began painting in such a style again.

another funny thing he "invented" were the upside down pictures: paintings of fruit bowls that, if you turn them upside down show a face.

i moreso wonder about that because archimboldo was very popular back in his time and also famous, but when he died, he was forgotten and up until 1910 nobody knew who he was! i wonder how this has happened.... 

if you ever have a chance to see an exhibition of him, go there. 
in vienna you can see him at the KHM  at the moment 

04 April, 2008

minor progress

what was happening yesterday?
i finally finished the psp game killzone liberation, one of the best portable games i know so far (including old-school gameboy). 

thats about it on the private side. still need to look at the psp programming, too tired today.
if everything goes well this weekend then i will have some cool code on the psp for monday to show my colleages. but actually i hope the weekend runs great then i will be too distracted with a veery sweet girl i wanna get to know better, then no time for the psp :)

at work i finally had hands-on-experience why copy-constructors are so important in C++ while they are so minor in .NET, mostly having todo with (what else) the lack of garbage collection and the presence of pointers and explicitly reserved memory in c++. and even more so when you are using STL containers.
but more on that maybe at some other time.

i'll continue listening to fine dead meadow cd "old growth" now, isnt that a fine album. yes it iz.

03 April, 2008

psplink finally working

psplink is a fine utility with which you are able to run psp-compiled programs without the need of manually copying your EBOOT file to the psp. i finally managed to compile it.

i found a tutorial describing how to get to run this. unfortunately it is in french but for what did i learn it in school? ah yes, and for what do you have google.translate  ;)

the link can be found here 

one thing to note:

with just having M33 custom firmware installed the psplink software will not work. you first need to install dark alex 1.50 kernel-addon. else psplink will not start.
after you installed this addon, you can run the psplink.

but psplink is more than just a tool with which you can run your applications remotely. it is also a failsafe mechanism if the program crashes your PSP to resetting it fast and easy.
plus you could also a debugger for debugging your program. 
i didnt try it yet though.

after this is working now.... i could finally start developing  :)

but for now i will leave it be, i had a constructive 3 hour firmware-architecture discussion today with my colleages for how we are going to implement this. this drained me a bit  ;)

so long for now folks

what disturbs me about the PSP-homebrew community....

is the lack of insight that one can gain.

now i want to code some PSP games i also need further gimmicks installed on my PSP that will enable me to remote-debug my PSP programs and run my cross compiled programs on the PSP while they are still lying on my harddisk. for this there is a nice program called psplink. i think its the programs "fault" that nobody is using the oslib framework for the PSP i may have mentioned earlier for compiling on the pc, which is is supposed to support. because everybody seems to debug and test out the games with this psplink on their psp right away.

fine so i thought, well then lets install this wonderful thing. unfortunately, the program does not start on my M33-90. search me why, but from some tutorials for some different homebrew i now know i need the 1.50-add on for the m33-90. i just installed that, but what i really would like to know is: what is that thing doing?  :)  you dont really get some info about that

unfortunately, gettings things to work with homebrew always prooves difficult. real documentation is sacre, there are just occasional how-tos. what exactly is needed and stuff. 
anyways, i am still motivated. still, i have to say, there are many dedicated guys out there doing this stuff and they also seem helpful and many of them seem to know what they are doing.

time for bed

02 April, 2008

in conflict with myself and the world

mmmh, today i celebrated the last exam a student friend of mine had. before that the day didnt work quite round, the celebration did not easy my uneasiness. not that it was the groups fault.

getting to some student restaurant with many fancy wancy dishes, but nearly all being only "light" food (ya know this esoteric african beans or goat cheese, but no hardcore beef dishes) for heavier prices, ordering a big beer and being told with a frown they only sell small beers did not raise my mood either. i hate that kind of clientele running and frequenting those places. why, and what i mean exactly by that, i ll maybe tell some other time.

now i am just getting my tipsiness down and listening to some Radio Moscow. check them out they are a nice band making energetic blues rock. no more, but no less.

then i ll just put myself to sleep and see what tomorrow brings. am a bit curious about creating some program for the PSP. patience my dear padawan...