04 August, 2016

Quickstart to start game development with Javascript 

So you want to start making some games for the web and want to dive right into it?
You have some understanding about programming and maybe even game development but this whole Web-Thing and setup for being able to use the new Javascript is just a hassle for you you dont want to dive right into?

Then this blog post is for you.

Setting up the toolchain for making easy javascript coding for the browser is a knowledge in itself... and it doesnt have much to do too much with programming. so enthusiasts might be put off.

Unfortunately the current ecosystem makes it hard for newcomers to modern javascript.

Following this link you will get a completely set-up toolchain to be able to create your own HTML5 games using Pixi and Howler.

Its crude and the toolchain doesnt support tests but it will get the job done. You can even use it to make simple deployments.it should make it possible for you to get the tutorials you find on the web run or use as the base for a small game.

How to use it:

Check out the readme on the github page. Basically you will have to install npm/node, then navigate to the directory of the project provided here and run the following commands:

>npm install

Done. Now start coding.

You will notice that after running "gulp" on the commandline, that command will not complete. He will open up a new tab in chrome (you DO have chrome installed right?!) but never stops execution. This is intended. Gulp is watching for any file changes done in the project. If he finds changes, he makes a build.
That means, as soon as you make changes to a javascript file or the html file, the build process runs.
For all you out there using WebStorm, I also included a webstorm setup to get you going. All that is by no means perfect, but a good starting point. included 2 media files are all common assets that can be found on the internet.

Please note that kudos must go to Falconerd whose gulpfile I used as a base of this project.