24 June, 2019

Presenting my most-enjoyed Vanguard troupe

Today i thought I would share my most enjoyed Vanguard troupe!

Meet Biggit Crunchem and his men!

I "invented" Crunchem when I made my Kings of War Campaign that I also posted about. Here you find the models I prepared ready for a 400 pts campaign play. You have to remember that the list I created was before Mantic released their new Goblin Vanguard Models.

Find Biggit Crunchem - the Commander of the lot - in the middle to the right on his trusted Mawbeast "Fang". He is flanked by the two Wiz (I still call them Shamans) in his Vanguard: Whirrda is the older of the two shamans. 
The other one does not have a name, he is just there for replacement purposes. In the back you will find the (River) Troll Bangga. He delivers most of the Ooomph! in this Vanguard and usually comes with a Heavy Weapon. 
Those are the named models so far!

I usually field the Biggit, the Shaman, 3-4 Spitters, ~4 Luggits and one Rabble. The Spitters are just too sweet to ignore, because in the original release they come with the SCOUT rule, which is very handy for example in the SECURE THE PORTAL scenario, where it is crucial to secure the objective early on!
The Biggit is buffed with the mount and a heavy weapon in order to deliver the hurt. He gets quite expensive by that, but I had an idea there... 
My Wiz comes with the SLINK Faction Specific Spell that I use instead of the STUN spell in order for me to be able to reactivate the Biggit! Together with the Troll that can dish out quite some hurt in a single round! The Rabble is meant to support the Biggit and the troll so I get that sweet extra die. 
I take the 4 Luggits for unlocking the other models and also... they can dish out some pain on their own!  

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